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To inform not persuade…

jegnalogoAs instructors, we are committed to the task of learning, sharing and inspiring. Collectively we work on informing and not persuading.

The beautiful thing about teaching is sparking a light inside another being.

Music is all around us. Music starts with our heartbeat. Then blossoms into musical ideas.
With practice, students will achieve their musical goals. Whether in private instruction, group instruction, workshops or concerts, we at Jegna School of Music will do our best to provide valuable information on how to be a better musician.

After a few lessons at Jegna, one student said “I feel like my mind is working differently. I’m looking forward to the challenge.” This is the Jegna way…

If you are not a student, come study at Jegna School of Music. You will discover… Discovery is learning.

Reginald Cyntje
Owner and Director
Jegna School of Music, LLC

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The Bandleader

I’ve met many types of bandleaders. Here are a few personalities…

Pay yourself first leader: This bandleader pays themselves first and might eventually get around to paying members. If the gig pays $1,000, this leader will pay themselves $500 (leader’s fee?) and pay the members $100 each. Resentment develops among members. But musicians in the band are happy as long as they get paid.

We are a family (with a good job) leader: This bandleader is great. Everyone feels appreciated. Everyone is paid equally. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to support the organization (promoting, sharing responsibilities, etc.). This bandleader usually has a great job outside of music. When they pass away, members might now appreciate their sacrifices.

We are family (musician) leader: This bandleader uses other gigs, CD sales and royalty payments to fund the band. When checks bounce, they come out of pocket to pay for the gig. Similar situation to previous listed bandleader with the exception of no “good job” to fund gigs.

Pay yourself last leader: This bandleader rarely makes money on gigs as a leader. They are similar to the “We are a family” bandleaders with one exception… This leader sets a standard rate for members regardless of incoming funds. When the leader can’t afford to pay the band (bounced checks and/or broke), members might take to social media. Or in ideal situations, might be compassionate.

I am the star leader: This leader might be a combination of all of the above listed. Everything is about them on stage. It’s their show. They might treat musicians well behind the scenes or they might not. But they are the star. They will do anything to get ahead, even sacrifice members.

I am clueless leader: This leader did not speak to any elders before starting a band. They piss off their members and the audience. The money is always funny and someone probably punched them in their mouth for f-ing things up.

The BS bandleader: This leader is the one who gets on the stage and bs their way through sounding like crap and making the really good musicians work extra hard to make the music sound half way decent to overcome the crap. But their precious heart is in the right place SO everybody gets paid.

Amnesia bandleader: This bandleader was mentored by elders and hired/introduced around by other established musicians. When they become a bandleader, well they forget all about the people who hired them and taught them how to become a leader, and never call them for gigs. Might even take gigs from those who helped them get established.

The switcher leader: This leader switches it up all the time. They are a combination of all of the above. Sometimes they are cool. Sometimes they are crooks. You don’t know if you should love or hate them.

The Bandleader…

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May 4th is the BIG Day!

SpiritualAwakeningMay4thFamily, friends and loving supporters, Monday May 4, 2015 is the big day! It’s been an uphill battle getting this album out. I really believe a spiritual awakening is needed in our community.

At this moment, I need you to click on download on iTunesget it on Amazon or Buy One Get One Free.

Spiritual Awakening musically embodies humanity’s complex journey from introspection to a celebration of freedom. 

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview: “The name of the album was inspired by a series of events over the last few years. I was struck by the lack of humanity when so many unarmed black people were killed. Then an elder expressed that we need to collectively connect with the spiritual powers of our ancestors…Focusing on spiritual power, I began composing songs that outlined the journey from awareness (Awakening) to freedom (Rejoice).”

Here are the song titles:

1. Awakening 
2. Spiritual
3. Atonement
4. Beatitudes
5. Compassion
6. Covenant
7. Prayer
8. Ritual
9. Rejoice

Download on iTunesGet it on Amazon. Buy One Get One Free at

Allyn Johnson – rhodes and acoustic piano (except 2)
Amin Gumbs – drums (except 4 & 6)
Brian Settles – tenor sax (except 8)
Carroll Dashiell III – drums (track 4 & 6)
Christie Dashiell – vocals
Herman Burney – bass
Janelle Gill – piano (track 2)
Kenny Rittenhouse – trumpet (track 4)
Victor Provost – steel pan
Reginald Cyntje – trombone, composer, producer

Thank you!

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The Fight for Justice

king“Negroes, Sweet and docile, Meek, humble and kind: Beware the day They change their mind!” – Langston Hughes

Sometimes we look at the tree and forget about the roots. Before the roots are deeply secure in the earth, the seeds are planted. Short sight prevents us from going back and taking note of the process.

How did we get here? Well, that will require research… Many of us refuse to do unbiased research.

People have been pleading with administrations. Long before hashtags were created, community activists have used all media to address injustice.

When do we take notice? When volcanos of frustration erupt into civil disobedience? People are pissed! How much injustice should people endure?

This started many years ago. Our communities have been pumped up with drugs, liquor stores, etc. People have exercised their right to vote and see little to no change. Police brutality (killing of unarmed citizens) have been an issue, COINTELPRO, etc.

Human response to injustice is never clean. There will always be someone taking advantage of the situation. To ignore the deeper problem is also an injustice. The American Revolution was not clean. The Civil Rights movement was not clean. This current situation will not be clean.

We all have a choice… Be a part of the solution or be a part of the problem. There are protesters being instigated by outside forces. The media are not showing that side and only reporting one aspect. There are also people using this as an opportunity to do harm on both sides (rioters, police violence, racist agitators and looters).

With all the information available to us in the 21st century, we must do our best not to be misinformed. This is quickly turning into the misinformation age. The powerful are turning us against our own self-interest.

As cities erupt across the US, ask yourself one question. Why? What is the common thread? If you do research, the answer might be unnerving.

How do media outlets refer to kids destroying neighborhoods after sport events? Do they call them thugs?

We have a serious problem… Will you be part of the solution? Or will you allow yourself to be manipulated by the power structure?

“But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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An Interview exploring the new album Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening Album Cover Crop

The following questions were taken from an interview I did with Dara Monifah Cooper and questions from my children…

Why did you name the album Spiritual Awakening?

The name of the album was inspired by a series of events over the last few years. I was struck by the lack of humanity when so many unarmed black people were killed. Then an elder expressed that we need to collectively connect with the spiritual powers of our ancestors. The spiritual power that led to slave revolts. The spiritual power that led to new music. Focusing on spiritual power, I began composing songs that outlined the journey from awareness (Awakening) to freedom (Rejoice).

Have you ever had a spiritual awakening?

Yes. My first spiritual awakening was at the age of 20. I was reading a book by Deepak Chopra. One of the exercises in the book required me meditating while watching the sunset. I’m from a very beautiful place. Sometimes we take beauty for granted. For the first time in my life, I sat and watched the sunset. I saw the clouds in the sky change and so did my soul. I became fully aware and appreciative of my beautiful home.

What is the connection between your music and your heritage?

I grew up in the US Virgin Islands. Music was always present. Mr. Glen “Kwadena” Davis was a prominent storyteller in my community. I remember his stories were filled with powerful lessons and rich cultural songs. Many of my teachers stressed the importance of culture. Naturally when I compose, my music reflects my experience.

Can you share the meaning behind some of the tunes on the album?

Before composing Awakening, I focused on the feeling of awareness. I meditated on what it feels like to become aware of a situation. The discomfort. The immense desire to take action. The transformation from one level of consciousness to another. The melody is asking the listener to wake up and do something about injustice.

Growing up in the Virgin Islands, most of the conscious music I heard came from reggae. While composing Spiritual, I wanted to capture the roots of our collective spirituality. The bass line represents our spirituality guiding us through our transfiguration.

What do you hope people will receive from this album?

First and foremost, I hope the music heals. Some listeners might download one song or the entire album. While listening, they might create unique memories for each song. Others might pay attention to the song titles while listening and make a connection. A few might read the linernotes and obtain a deeper understanding behind my intent.

I put a lot of time into the concept. There is meaning in the artwork, the number of tracks (9), the song titles, the song order and the release date (May 4th). Every aspect represents a spiritual awakening.

Daddy, you have four albums. Are going to record a new album next year? You should name the next album ‘Family’ and put us on the cover.

Really?! (Smiling) Don’t you see these boxes? (Shaking my head) It’s been hard releasing albums consistently. I thank God, family and friends for the support. I will have to wait on the ‘Family’ album. Maybe if you practice your trumpet you can play on one of the songs?

After my first release (Freedom’s Children: The Celebration 2011), I felt compelled to compose music for Love (2013), Elements of Life (2014) and now Spiritual Awakening (2015).

I don’t suspect that I will be releasing another album soon. Spiritual Awakening is powerful. I want to reach people with this message…

Download on iTunes

Get it on Amazon

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Showing My Gratitude

Have you listened to the premiere track on Capital  Savannah Harris did an excellent job reviewing the album.

I really appreciate when you take the time to purchase my music. I don’t have a huge PR campaign, but I do have loving supporters. To show my gratitude, I would like to offer you some rewards.

  1. If you pre-order your physical copy of Spiritual Awakening on my website, you will receive an additional copy to share with a friend. Why? The idea is to get the music heard. Supporters like you are the best people to spread the word.
  2. Once you have a physical copy of Spiritual Awakening, you can participate in my selfie contest. The selfie with the most likes, wins $100. More details at
  3. If you are a musician, you can enter to win $600 by arranging a song off the Spiritual Awakening album.

Spiritual Awakening is probably my best musical contribution to date. The band sounds great. I think listeners of all ages will find something rewarding on this album.

But if you are only interested in digital downloads, you can download the album on iTunes or Amazon.

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Spiritual Awakening LINERNOTES

The Inspiration…

“Our ancestors tapped into their spiritual power to achieve great things.” What you hear on this album is a musical manifestation of what I hope to inspire in the hearts and minds of listeners. The musicians (Allyn, Amin, Brian, CV, Christie, Herman, Janelle, Victor) did a beautiful job capturing the spiritual energy.

The Music…

The following nine tracks explore the fruit of the spirit… As a community, we’ve witnessed our share of atrocities, and it is not enough to simply sit idly by awaiting action.  It is time for a Spiritual Awakening, a process used by our ancestors to create real lasting change. The music on this album captures the journey of a people waking up.

When the soul awakens, the spirit soars. Awakening… The soul becomes aware of the dissonance and calls for the body to rise up. The tension propels us to take action. The ostinato of life’s challenges submits to our will to create a new dimension of melodic possibilities. Self-awareness diminishes ignorance. Social justice seems natural, but there is a barrier. With the tool of hope and a will steeped in faith, we take the first step.

We are Spiritual beings. Our DNA is coded with instructions on how to achieve greatness. The groove helps us march forward in our quest for resolution. We are restless because we know all God’s children deserve justice. There is a war on peace, and we will fight back with love. We repeat. There is a war on peace, and we will fight back with love.

With a spiritual awakening, we begin to see life around us differently. With love and newly enhanced senses, we seek Atonement for mistakes. Family, friends and allies set aside differences. We sing our collective blues and begin to break free from draining restrictions. We begin to taste the possibility of freedom. The groove is lucid. The dream is vivid.

The dream becomes reality with affirmations of love. Love is reinforced with Beatitudes. Divine love, self-love, community love. We sing out loud using a rich harmony passed down from previous generations. There are leaps and twists but we tackle each interval with determination. We dance to the polyrhythms dictating the complex strategy needed to navigate society.

The polyrhythmic patterns make it hard for everyone to participate in this movement. As we dance, we have Compassion. Our awakening encourages us to inspire our brothers and sisters not yet on the path towards freedom. As they experience our passion, they begin to follow our seductive sequence.

Our Covenant with God keeps us motivated despite the obstacles. We feel the intense connection between all living beings. Our unique voices create a collective composition. We are relentless. We can’t sleep because the moment is near. We step forward together. We take position and begin to explore the depths of harmonic possibilities within our commitment. The scene changes and the message passes from one messenger to the next.

We strengthen our commitment to community through Prayer. The dream of a brighter tomorrow becomes clear. We see ways to resolve the complications. We give thanks for our transformation.

We call on our ancestors during a Ritual that feels as old as time. First one voice, then others join. We feel the drums, the harmony, the resolution. Transfiguration…We feel the challenges. We’ve done our spiritual work and now…

We finally arrive at our destination and begin to Rejoice in freedom unobstructed.

We are awake.  With music we heal and inspire a Spiritual Awakening.

Reginald Cyntje
February 2015

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February 2015

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Spiritual Awakening and NPR Jazz Night in America…Reflection


If someone told me this week I would record my 4th album and be featured on NPR’s new show Jazz Night In America, I would be apprehensive to believe the tale. But here we are…

I was told to sit and appreciate the moment but my mind was already thinking about the next step. The week started with a gig with Herman Burney on Sunday, then rehearsal, then teaching and classes on Monday, preparing (food, drinks, music, recording schedule) on Tuesday and recording Tuesday night.

By Wednesday morning I was fried but I had teaching, classes and son’s concert on the schedule. The NPR feature was Wednesday night. By the time I got to bed, I was exhausted. I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache and unable to fully function. Life was telling me to take a break and reflect.

Upon reflecting, I must say thank you God for the many blessings. Thank you to family and close friends for the constant support. Navigating life can be challenging. Having people who love and support you makes the journey more enjoyable.

NPR’s Jazz Night In America…

How did this happen? Was it my plan? No! NPR… First, I approached Omrao Brown about doing an Artist in Residence (AIR) at Bohemian Caverns. I was considering the AIR to give the band the opportunity to season the music for our upcoming recording. He said no dates were available so we worked on booking the group for a weekend date. We booked January 30th & 31st.

After booking the date, I reached out to the band members. 90% of the band was available so I moved forward with plans. I was committed to only doing music for the upcoming recording. Sink or swim, I felt it important to work on the music.

On January 18, Patrick Jarenwattananon approached me about featuring my band on NPR’s new show Jazz Night In America. Something happened and the February 11th slot became available. I agreed. Later I found out that he also spoke with Omrao and Gio (Capital Bop). Everyone thought that our gig was a perfect fit.

If I wasn’t focused on preparing for the Spiritual Awakening album, I might have changed the setlist. But we had to get things seasoned for the album. And just like that, I was told we made history. Bohemian Caverns was featured. My band was featured. And we represented aspects of DC’s diverse music scene…

Recording Spiritual Awakening

Photo by Herman Burney

Photo by Herman Burney

Originally, I scheduled the recording session for Spiritual Awakening on February 28, 2015. As the recording date approached, conflicts began to rise up. I tried to keep the date on February 28 but it was looking bleak. I contacted the studio and asked about available times (keeping everyone’s schedule in mind), February 10th was the best possible date for 95% of the people I wanted on the album.

Now that I reflect, this week was challenging, exciting and memorable. A true awakening. I’m thankful for the exposure and accomplishments. I think this album is by far our deepest musically and spiritually.

Spiritual Awakening

Photo by Herman Burney

Photo by Herman Burney

Allyn Johnson – piano and rhodes
Amin Gumbs – drums
Brian Settles – tenor saxophone
Carroll Dashiell, III – drums
Christie Dashiell – voice
Herman Burney – bass
Janelle Gill – piano
Kenny Rittenhouse – trumpet
Victor Provost – steel (tenor) pan
Reginald Cyntje – trombone, composer, producer

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Remembering Uncle Cisco

My Uncle Francisco Cyntje passed away earlier this week. His love and kindness for family and friends inspired everyone.
uncle cisco
In 1993 on my way to Boston for college, my uncle gave me my first winter coat. It was a blue lined jean jacket that kept me warm for my first winter. In 1995, I stayed in his home for two months while searching for a job in NYC. While in his home, I witnessed his love and kindness for humanity first hand. When I walked with him, he greeted friends and strangers with respect. Every evening was a lesson in life. I cherished our evening conversations. He taught me many lessons (some I was not aware I was learning at the time).

Uncle Cisco taught me about using the subway map as guide while navigating NYC. I remember going to Yonkers for an interview. I had to take extra busses to get to my final destination. On my way back, I ran out of money and made it back to the beginning of the NYC Metro. Remembering what Uncle Cisco told me, I was able to use the NYC Subway map to make it from Yonkers to Seward Ave in the Bronx (a very long walk).

My uncle lived in NYC. As a child growing up in the USVI, my dad always spoke highly of Uncle Cisco. I wish we had more time together but I will always cherish the lessons in life and love. Thank you Uncle Cisco! Rest in peace…

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Happy New Year

Happy New YearHappy New Year to my family, friends and supporters. I’m looking forward to 2015. Every year provides us with new opportunities to achieve goals and enjoy life.

I’ve adopted the philosophy that we can always make each decision better than our last. 2014 had many triumphs and challenges but we made it. Like me, I’m sure you experienced loss and enjoyed beautiful gains.

Together let us work on freedom. The freedom to live, love and learn.

Let us intensify our focus on the things that really matter.

We all have goals. We can make a commitment to finish projects we started.

With faith and hard work, we will succeed.

Music has taught me that frequency is important. For me to grow, I must practice frequently. We can apply frequency to our passions.

The fulfillment of our deepest passion will lead to life flowing effortlessly.

We enter this plain of existence during one year then leave at another. The life we live represents all the years in between. What will we fill that dash with?

Let us be better human beings in 2015.

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