Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 31, 2009


Ah, what is healing? Is it a massage at a spa once a week to soothe those aching muscles? Maybe it is those magic pills (vices) that make you feel good about life for the moment? Is it having that special someone that makes you feel great? Or maybe, it is having wealth to do whatever you want? Whatever you do to escape, or whatever your idea of happiness is I am sure it is temporary with the exception of a few people that truly took the time to heal their mind and/or heart on past things. As humans, we all seek happiness, but our idea of what it is sometimes prevents us from receiving.

Our issues stem from wounds that never healed. We carry them around and mask them as our personality quirks. Granted some things require a lot to work out, but it is possible to achieve calm after a terrible storm you never thought you would recover from. Do you watch shows on TV to make you feel better about your own existence? Do you use things or people for the moment? Well, however you coupe with life and it’s humor I wish you peace.

Here is a thought. You are powerful. You have the power to live and be happy. How? Well it doesn’t require any thing(s). You just need the courage and time to say I will not let my past haunt me any more. We all have bad or traumatic experiences. The trick is to let your past (good and bad) make you stronger and not harder, closed off, frightened, non-trusting, cynical and anything else that will take you away from true joy. You can’t buy happiness. Let me repeat. You can’t buy happiness, but you can try. Your issues will still be your issues. Healing is permanent. Once you truly heal yourself you are free of that problem. Free to be the best you! What else is more important than you?

You are the key. In a session with a professional they help you help yourself. Start with one issue at a time. Don’t hide your issues for them to resurface when you are sad. Just take the time to resolve. You are the key. It is not easy working through issues but the reward is priceless. It is better than the most extravagant spa session and more valued than all the riches in the world. Stop making excuses and do what you need to do to be you. For physical things we desire we go above and beyond because of the instant gratification, but our issues which haunts us, we avoid them.

Heal yourself please. You deserve it! If you need help seek it but start now. Your life depends on it. You have invested in other things that will fade with time, but you have to spend the rest of your life with you. Invest, heal and love yourself.


P.S. Tell your friends about the blogs. Thank you for reading. I wish you peace, love and good living!



  1. You told me this years ago –that I can heal myself. At the time, I did not believe you. As I have begun my healing process, I had to come to the startling realization that all along, the person I have been waiting for to heal me is myself. My world stopped when I realized this because for so many years I thought that my healing was going to come from an external source. I quickly shifted gears. It takes an incredible amount of courage, patience, determination, and focus to heal oneself. It is no easy task, by any means. It is hard work…it is blood, sweat, and tears…it is painful!! But sometimes in order to heal, you have to experience the pain and then release it.

    I always thought you were a great writer. You should put your thoughts together into a book. You are a teacher. Thank you for this message!

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