Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 31, 2009



I sit here reflecting on the concept of hope. Having faith that what is not here yet will be with proper preparation. Years ago I sat eating rice for all my meals hoping that things will get better. I would find different ways to season the rice so it would feel like a different meal each time. I was doing gigs that paid enough for the bus or train ride back home (sometime we would make enough to catch a cab). I hoped for a change.

I remember walking long distances because my ride was too tired to drop me home so they would drop me at a central location and it would take me hours to walk from that spot to the apartment. (I guess walking the hills of St. Thomas prepared me for my many late night hikes after gigs). The gigs ended too late to catch public transportation and cabs refused to pick me up even when I was wearing a tuxedo. When I got transportation, I thought to my self that I will not let anyone have to deal with that. I would go out of my way to drive musicians home. When I was without a vehicle, I began walking again. LOL! On those long walks, I hoped for a change.

I remember going to jam sessions where the musicians were not inviting. I was serious about growing and learning, but I was not accepted into the circle of gifted cats. LOL! I was beginning my journey into the art of Jazz and looking to learn from the best. The lessons were some times harsh (beneficial) and I second guess myself. I wondered how am I going to make a living playing music if I can’t cut it with the cats I respected. As I practiced I hoped for a change.

I remember being in a relationship where I thought my future was going to be with that individual only to find out that I was terribly wrong. I was hurt and embarrassed. I got up, dust myself off and hoped for a change.

I can go on with examples of disappointments or questions in life. My hope and hard work is what kept me from giving up. Family and friends sometimes lost hope for me. LOL!

You can’t give up! You have to believe that you can accomplish your goals. Everyone has there own path to take. Whether it is matters of the heart or career you have to believe. Reassess the situation and keep going.

If you have pinpointed your ultimate goal as a dot on a piece of paper you will notice there are infinite ways to reach that dot. Some people take the straight and narrow, some people take the scenic, and some make a few wrong turns along the way, but have faith (and stop to ask for directions if you are lost) and you will accomplish all your goals.

Peace, love and light…



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