Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 31, 2009

The Artist In You

The Artist in You

Whatever you do in life, creativity always adds beauty. Great minds of the past understood that a balanced being had to have knowledge about arts and sciences. Griots, Gurus and Philosophers demonstrated this well. A skillful doctor that truly understands the human body is an artist. A creative chef entices our taste buds with works of art. Before the dumb intellectuals took away arts in the schools or diminished the funding, students were learning how to be creative. Regardless of the professional paths they took in life, creativity remained a part of their psychological make up. When the dumb intellectuals removed the arts and other programs in schools, we began seeing a rise in ADD and ADHD. We give our kids drugs instead of giving them some drumsticks. The very nature of the arts is to teach discipline, focus and expression. Don’t get me wrong. Medicine has its place, but before you medicate, there are time tested practices that works better than medicine or assist in the process.

The artist in you is always present. Being an artist simply means taking your craft to the next level. You have healing artist, fine artist, martial artist and of course scam artist. LOL!!! Find the artist in you and strive for beauty and creativity in what you do everyday.

A mentor and friend once told me to experience the beauty in life then express that musically. You have the intellectual understanding about your job. Can you add the spices that will make what you do better? I challenge you to reacquaint yourself with artistic things. Be a part of art. Hmmm, what do I mean?

Do you know that you inspire artists? It is great to read a poem, listen to a song on the radio or observe a painting in a book, but being there as it takes place is exciting. Have you been to a poetry event where you felt that the poet was talking to you? Have you been to a concert where the music reached deep into your soul and told you to listen this song is for you? When you attend an artistic function, you become part of the art. Your energy is part of the collective consciousness of the event. As you are inspired, you inspire the artist.



  1. You are the poet talking to me. You are inside my mind and I am sure the minds of many others. Don’t stop writing. We all feel a part of your journey!

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