Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 31, 2009


Since I began playing music, I have always been fascinated with the connection between listener and performer. The way a great musician can almost read the mind of the listener and play the right note, phrase, idea or song that gives the listener exactly what they need at that moment. This is what my concept as a performer has been based on. The connection, healing and love in music and life.

Listeners have so many options when it comes to music. However you want to receive the message there is a group that performs that style or combination of styles to meet your taste. I personally love different styles of music. The style of music that I perform frequently is jazz. The thing that I love about jazz is that since its creation it has been the parent to other forms of music, influenced other styles, and opened its doors to influences from different genres.

When I perform, separate from picking the appropriate tune to play for that moment, I can tailor my spontaneous composition to fit the vibe of the room. What is spontaneous composition? Well it is the ability to use all compositional tools in the spur of the moment. It is known to some as improvisation and in hip hop it is called free styling. But do not confuse this with making something up. When someone is knowledgeable about a particular topic, they can speak on it at great lengths. Spontaneous composers are very talented composers that don’t have the luxury of an eraser. They have to be in tune with their surroundings to come up with significant variations on a particular song.

The art of free styling allows me to be in the moment and respond accordingly. I’ve spend years studying music, but the true understanding comes when I can move someone with the melodies that come out my horn. I love vocal music, the poetry along with the melody makes for a perfect combination. You can get the full message without guessing most of the time. With instrumental music you have to paint the picture without the words. You are producing a tone poem that evokes a desired emotion.

This is my concept to heal and love thru music. I asked a mentor how can I get to the next level. I was expecting a technical musical response, but they told me to take a walk in the park, go to the movies, spend time with friends and family, then come back after experiencing life and articulate that musically. I’ve been living life and playing music ever since.

Here is an exercise to increase your connection to music. Pick a song you like or love. Listen to that song. After the song is over, listen to it again but only focus your attention on one instrument. Do this until you have covered all the vocals/instruments in that song. Listen to the song in its entirety again and you will have a whole new experience and appreciation for that song.





  1. You have healed me with your words and your optimism! xo

  2. 🙂

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