Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 31, 2009

The Game

Why do we waste so much time in life? We wait until someone’s sickness, misfortune or death to express true feelings. We let a whole life time pass and then express ourselves in the brief moments that are left. Why don’t we treat people the way we want to be treated? Why don’t we love the way we want to be loved? Brothers and sisters that were close in childhood become distant in adulthood. Parents and children become strangers. Why are we so bad at maintaining relationships? I know we all have our separate lives to live but they are not as disconnected as we think. People don’t trust each other to the point that they sabotage relationships before they have a chance to blossom. The honesty and openness is held back to prevent themselves from getting hurt or for a variety of other reasons. Here is a concept: be the person you want to see in the person before you. Be true to them and expect nothing less in return. If it does not work out at least you know that you tried and you did not play the games. This works for parents, couples, siblings or friends.

It would be refreshing to see healthy relationships on a regular basis. From good beginnings between two people where honesty and openness are prevalent and there is no deception, to time tested relationships where people are adjusting with time and doing what it takes to keep the relationship loving and fresh.

Don’t ever become complacent and take someone for granted. You won’t do it with material things, right? Why do it to a human being?

Any relationship has its challenges, from a parent and child who are adjusting as that child becomes an adult, to fresh love where the way you treat each other in the beginning creates a foundation for the relationship. Sometimes human beings treat their business contacts better than their love ones. Of course in any relationship it takes two, but make sure you are doing your part to make it a success. Communicate, love and respect always. Be true in whatever relationship you are pursuing, maintaining or relearning.
I wish you happy and productive relationships without the energy draining games!

Peace, light, love and health




  1. Why do we anything the counterproductive to positivity and happiness? Because we can(not necessarily a good thing)….and because we’re human. Imperfect. We know what SHOULD be done, but for some reason, find difficulty in implementation.

    I think the key is recognizing and acknowledging those shortcomings and making a true effort in correcting them. But if it were that easy(it is, but it isn’t), the world would be a much happier and loving place. When selfishness takes precedence, everything else takes a back burner.

  2. the more i read your blogs, the more i think you are reading my mind. get out of my head! i have journaled about some of these very issues, almost word for word. this speaks to several of my relationships, past and present, as child to parent, as lover to lover, as friend to friend. i live by the golden rule, but its hard when in relationship with someone else who doesn’t and you are left lacking, wanting. i move on, thankful that god has blessed me with an immense capacity for forgiveness and love such that i can still approach the next relationship still giving my best, in truth, honesty, openness, and loving as i wish to be loved.

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