Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 12, 2009


At 12, I had a dream that I will one day become a great trombonist and share wealth with family and friends. I awoke surprised and energized by my dream. Each morning before school I would practice, again at lunch, after school then at home. Music was not a natural thing for me. It did not come easy so I worked hard. I was on a mission to learn and grow.

In the 11th grade I signed up for a Life Arts Class that talked about self love. In this class we talked about daily affirmations (a far fetch thought for a high school junior). The instructor of the class was also a jazz vocalist. My purpose was being presented without me grasping what was happening.

As I grew musically, I became more fascinated with jazz. While in high school my main focus of study was European Classical music but American Classical music caught my attention. I have discussed this in other writings. As I indulged in the jazz idiom along with reggae and calypso I met many enlightened beings that talked about something deeper than the technical aspect of creating music.

As a kid, I dreamed the impossible and in some ways made it happen. When I transitioned into adulthood and started seeing harsh realities of many I respected I did not invest in the dreams the same way I did as a kid. I second guessed myself and lost the confidence that I had regardless of opposition. Since that time I have seen growth and experienced hardship but I have not lost sight of my dream.

I discovered that when I focused all my energy and remained positive the dream became a reality. It was hard to do at times because I created a reality that contained distractions and less than inspiring circumstances.

One night I had a discovery. I was performing on stage and a musician and his wife approached me and said I inspired them. That evening I played from my heart and felt love and inspiration in the music. More importantly, the audience felt what I was feeling. I discovered that I can move people, not with tricks, but with sincerity.

The chatter of negativity in my mind quickly disappeared as more people approached me and spoke of similar experiences. The more I believed the more people I touched. When I had those moments of disbelief the result was not the same. The lesson…believe all the time.

Having this dream led to other dreams which include opening an Arts school on the island of St. Thomas (USVI), recording numerous works that inspire, creating wealth for future generations and building community.

Growing up, I was inspired by musicians and community activist. My destiny…to do both.

When you aspire to do great things you must DREAM BIG. My dreams remain constant even when others don’t believe or can’t see. I have FAITH and TRUST that I will reach all my goals.

Will you do the same?



  1. Your post touched me DEEPLY! Keeping playing from your heart…keep living from your heart! You touch people with your music, your words and simply being you!


  2. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me that no matter how hard things in my life may seem right now and no matter how far away my dreams feel, I can’t lose sight of that. I’m a dreamer too, but even dreamers doubt their quest when they hit bumps and sinkholes in the road. I wish I still lived in DC so I could hear your music live more often, but you are an inspiration to many. Thank you.

  3. Once we realize that nothing is really impossible (we have self-limiting thoughts that make us FEEL like there are impossibilities), we manifest more fully into the total human being we are meant to be.

    What’s the old saying? “Keep your eye(s) on the prize”. We have to live that each and every day.

    Thank you for sharing this, Reginald.

  4. Oh, Reg…that’s just beautiful!

    I’ve never heard you play but on my next trip to DC I will coordinate to make that happen.

    “I discovered that I can move people, not with tricks, but with sincerity…The lesson…believe all the time.”

    YES…You Must for it’s when you believe in yourself and trust the process that dreams are made reality 🙂

    Thanks for this, Reg…play on and I look forward to seeing you continuing to live your dreams!

  5. Beautiful! You do touch people with your music.. but not only your music… your soul.. which shines through your music, your words, and your being.. I am blessed to call you friend.

  6. Wonderful post of inspiration, insight and growth.

  7. “when I focused all my energy and remained positive the dream became a reality.”

    Your words are profound and your thoughts inspiring. Thank you!

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