Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 13, 2009

Religion, Spirituality, and more

I wrote this on March 5, 2007:

Since the beginning of time faith based practices were started based on peace and love. The human aspect corrupted this and created the division that we now experience. Whether we are talking about the Kemetic society, the Akans, Yoruba, Vodum, forms of Christianity (African Orthodox Christianity, Hebrew Israelites etc.), Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Judism, Islam, and the list goes on, they were all based on love and seeking the guidance and love of God. For the most part, each one had a particular leader that the people based their ritualistic practices after. God (the creator) is at the forefront of the above chosen paths/way of life. I hope as we move towards the future we can understand that different cultures have different ways they worship/pay tribute to God. In each practice there is an individual/spiritual being that takes on a Christ-like form. You can see the many similarities between each tradition, much like the similarities between human beings. Whether you believe there is only one Christ (Christianity) or you believe that Christ (the energy/spiritual representation) goes by different names in different practices (like in Islam God is called Allah, Olorun or Olodumare in Yoruba, Nyame in Akan, Asar, Aser, Ausar, Wesir, or Ausare in the Kemetic Society, Brahman in Hinduism, etc), further study of any of these spiritual practices one will see how they began and how we humans changed and altered each one to suit our own agenda. Kemet was a different place before it was envaded and altered. Many of the biblical representations of Kemet were carried out by an occupying force that changed the face of Kemet now called Egypt (Check out Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization by Anthony Browder or any other book by this author you can also research Kemet in greater detail by checking out the suggested reading). The Hebrews were not enslaved by the original people of Kemet. Some history books are limited in their representation of world history (his/her story). We can see that the description of the people that are documented (check out the hieroglyphics) don’t look like the current inhabitants of what we now call Egypt. I have a suggestion for all of us. Why not try to experience another culture/spiritual practice? If one can spend the amount of time that is needed to learn a new language to learn a new culture (without the preconceived judgments/thoughts) the experience would be enlightening. Have you been to an Akan, Yoruba, Hindu, Kemetic, or Buddhist spiritual celebration? Have you spent considerable time with any spiritual practice outside your own? It would take a life commitment to have a full understanding (maybe longer), but we can all start with love. Now based on the time that each one of these faith/ religious practices took place one can argue what people/practice came first. But my main focus is on the love aspect. We are divided spiritually, racially, economically to name a few. Love is the way to bring us back together. Whatever your belief, I hope (for our sake and the sake of our children) we can seek a truth that is based on love and not arrogance. We all have a path that we choose or based on our beliefs is chosen for us. If you have ten people in a circle and a book at the center filled with knowledge, each individual will have their own path to take to get to that book. Each path is egual, but different. Those ten people and the circle can be expanded to the earth, their paths are still different but God (the source, the creator, higher being) is at the center. I would suggest that we all take a deeper look into the ancient spiritual practices in different parts of the world. How they were started and how we human beings change and sometimes tanted the love. Check out the movie Baraka it is a cinematic look at the world we live in. Peace!



  1. That’s a deep post, Brotha! The concept of Jesus not being the “King” of the world is Oh So Foreign to Way to Many in the US.

    You brought that Reg…the only thing that SHOULD matter is love. Real spirituality produces that, religion is a barrier to it.

    Fabulous post!
    NEXT Decision…BETTER than your LAST 😉

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