Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 13, 2009

Respect for Our Women

I wrote this on June 25, 2007:

After a late night gig, I walked back to the car. As I got close to the parking lot, I heard a lady say, “I would appreciate it if you won’t touch my ass, that is disrespectful.” The guy that touched (pinched) her butt turned away and pretended to be in deep thought about something while his friend argued that no one touched her.

In our society, there seem to be many circumstances where women are mistreated. I personally know too many women that have been molested, raped, and/or abused. Why do we mistreat our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, wives, and friends? Women grow life within them and birth these people that go on to diminish their quality of life. We should have the greatest respect and love for our mothers/potential mothers. Industries of disrespect flourish because of our view of women. A comic once said “your job as a father is to keep your daughter off the pole”. How do we protect our daughters from the potential boyfriend rapist, those guys at the club that want to catch a quick feel, men/family that want to molest a little girl? These women go on to live semi-normal lives.

Men reading this, what if you were raped as a kid (with a two-by-four) or molested by your favorite aunt (sodomized). Now it is bad enough if that happens once, but what if it happens repeatedly by different trusted women in your life. The picture is not so pretty. We put women through so much then ask them to be normal citizens in our community.

Women are precious and beautiful. We should treat them like the queens, goddesses, and mothers that they are. So many women don’t report that they have been raped or molested. That family member, friend of the family, boyfriend, or classmate continues their malicious patterns of destroying/tainting lives.

It should not be a running joke that Uncle Billy should not be left alone with little girls. If you know of someone or suspect someone is being abused in any way, please report it. Neither I, nor the lives being destroyed care if that is your husband, uncle, father, son, grandfather, friend, boyfriend, or female equivalent.

Our laws should reflect our commitment to the safety and value of women. I hope that one day rape and molestation will be a rare event! Peace, love, and safety for our mothers/potential mothers.



  1. Thanks for taking a stand on this. It’s necessary and I’m hoping that many will follow. Great Post!

  2. Brokenness only produces more brokenness. Clearly you are on a mission to save the world, so might as well mount up and join you, LOL. I am guessing a lot of women read your blog, so I am sure inquiring minds want to know what do you do once you have been violated.

    Alot of African Americans prefer to just sweep things under the carpet and keep going. THIS IS A BAD IDEA. As Joyce Meyer says “hurt people hurt people.” We as a people are in SO MUCH pain and we live in denial numbing it with either more sex, drugs or religion. Healing is a choice.

  3. the re-broadcast is appreciated as i apparently missed this the first time.

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