Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 28, 2009

Why I Write

It is funny. I post a link to my blog and someone replies “I look forward to hearing your song. I know it will inspire.” Yes I know I am a musician, but I write so someone can take away a message from my posting.

Music is fulfilling but we all have our individual taste in music. When I write, you can dislike the music I dig and still receive something from the posting. I compose tone poems. Listening you might be able to pick up on the meaning of the song. When you read my blog, I can give you more insight.

When I write words, the message is clear. It also allows you to understand the tone poems a little better. It helps you see my thought process. Because of the messages I post on twitter, facebook, myspace or in emails, I receive messages from many people talking about personal events in their life. As articulated in “A Happy New Year Letter”, I offer a little of my experience to inspire someone else.

I write because I have a story like you. I got divorced at a young age. I am a father. I have been hurt and have hurt someone. I have experienced infidelity and have been unfaithful. I write because my life is not simple. I have experienced celibacy, a monogamous relationship and a polygamous one. I have heard horrific stories and experienced some. I write because I have struggled and enjoyed the finer things in life. I write because I am a imperfect human like you.

I understand that some people post personal info. In each blog you find a little of me and you. I mix lessons I have learned from elders, books and personal experiences to tell a story. The story is you, me and our community.

I hope you enjoy the postings and be sure to leave a comment.



  1. R! your life is an open book. you feel very comfortable in your own skin. i can feel your calm; like after a storm. i appreciate the fact that you make your community feel as though you know them all personally. you are a leader, a friend and a peace-maker. as a fellow musician, we often have our feelings on our sleeves. we show our power and sometimes others can not handle the truth. i am a very honest veteran in the music ministry and industry. i have travelled extensively. i am an ambassador. i welcome you into my world. love and respect, dana la fonde lawrence, zion’s mom

  2. by the way, blog means, bitch log. did you know that? it is what it is. can you handle the truth? gird up your loins, because you are on your way to paradise with me. i will not take what you say personally. “personal importance or taking things personally,is the maximum expression of selfishness because we make the assumption that everything is about “me’… immunity to emotional poison is a gift…if you live without fear, if you love, you will be happy.” i am singing…if you’re happy and you know it, CLAP YOUR HANDS, STOMP YOUR FEET, SAY HOORAY!
    ALSO, i do not see anyone else making comments. what is that all about? you have over 800 so called “friends” on facebook, alone. tell me something good, tell me that you love me. love, dana

  3. i am an artist and so are you. i write because i can. if i do not use my writing skills i will loose them. the same with any of your life skills. i sharpen my business, cooking, music-making, thinking, reading,and speaking skills, just to name a few, often. i want to be excellent. when you see or hear my name, i want you to think “excellence”. SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME lol
    iam singing…it don’t mean a thing,if it ain’t got that swing. doowop doowop, doowop i sang that THE WHITE HOUSE in the yellow room. NEXT!!! IT IS ALL VAIN.

  4. CORRECTION: i sang that in THE WHITE HOUSE…
    thank you R!eginald. hey,is this a blog or something???? :D!

  5. Very brave post, Reg. Thank you for sharing your vision and purpose.


  7. tone poems…what a beautiful oral imagery. reading this sunday reminded me that i hadn’t written a poem in a while. then i read another friend’s blog yesterday…and between the 2 of your blogs out came “We Three She”. check it out on my FB info page in ‘about me’.

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