Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | November 30, 2009


…did I just smile at your text? Is this me? Am I this person? I really enjoy your company. The more we spend time together I find myself digging you. We seem compatible in many ways but aren’t we just friends. I mean, I’ve always believed that men and women can be friends but I was not expecting this. I’m with someone I love and you are to but here we are together…I should have paid attention to the warming signs. I thought I had control. I felt it growing but I did not stop. A casual call/text turned into “I can’t wait to see you.” I was curious. The fire excited me. I wanted your attention. Regular conversations came natural. The newness was refreshing. No baggage. No stress. No worries. The dynamics crescendo with a climax that lingered…

Why am I so attracted to you? Is it you or the idea of you? Is it the escape you provide? Would I be attracted to you if we dealt with life on a day to day basis? Should people have two – One for life and one for fantasy? Does life chase away passion? Would you want me if you really had me? Should I pursue this? How long can I keep this up? Will I keep this going? Can we really be friends…after? Should we?

Questions, logic, reality…none of this matter because we needed this. I needed this. When we kissed it felt right. When we touched I felt…Wow, I’m not thinking of mine. Are you thinking of yours? I feel that you are my type and I’m yours. I miss you when we are not together. What am I missing? Do I really know you? What would you do if I really needed you? Would you have my back? I guess right now is all I’m thinking about. I will deal with tomorrow and its consequences…later.



  1. Oh DAMN REG!! You did it again! Oh…folks need to be grown to hear all that’s NOT spoken, cuz you’ve said alot!! WOOOO!!

    I’ve missed ya, Brutha (not like ‘dat, lol) glad you’re back!


  2. Wow…u capture it perfectly…the rush, the frenzy, and single minded desire to have any type of contact with that ‘special one’…greatness yet again!

  3. Wow……interesting. Very interesting. Nice to see you back and writing. 😉

  4. ooooooh weeeeeeee. Hmmm. I like the consciousness here. Very open and true! I’m digging it! xo

  5. That was good sweetie.. really good. I found myself thinking while reading. I was thinking about how amazing it is that we all feel as if we are alone in our thoughts, but really we are not.

  6. Wow…. were you in my mind? Do you have a crystal ball?
    This was truly deep but so honest and raw! Stunning!

  7. I really enjoyed your words!! You are suuch a gifted and warm person, thank you for sharing.

  8. I’m thinking Tiger Woods could’ve used this blog,lol

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