Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 6, 2009

The Curse (the response to Attraction)

I’ve known you for years do you think I can’t tell. I noticed the change in expression, the change in vibrations, the change in smell. Why can’t you just say before I tell you of my curse?

I know how you would normally react, but I see a difference in you. I hear your voice change. Even your smile change but you still chose not to speak. Why can’t you say before I tell you of my curse?

I walk pass you and I noticed right then…the change. You know you haven’t given me a reason but I have a gut feeling. Please express your thoughts before I tell you of my curse?

I know you are not really aware but time is passing and the smell is in the air. I’ll give you time to say but I can still tell the waves are different. You are not the same and what I will reveal will shatter more than you think.

I was told never make a decision that you were not ready to deal with the consequences. And…our reaction determines a lot…

My curse: I can smell it coming. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to change. I wish I could sit blind and not see the signs. You were not obvious but the feeling came over me and I knew it was true. I taste it on you. Ever since I was a kid I could tell. The best of Actors still revealed themselves. Some I cared and others I didn’t, but I knew that the truth was absent. I freaked people out when I uncovered the reality of the fantasy.

Who the Cuss do you think you are dealing with? I know you and I can smell them…on you.



  1. I have this “curse” its called discernment or being part Creole my family calls it the sight…Almost every artist has this ability because you need the ability to communicate non-verbally as well as adjust your approach based on non-verbal cues. “The Vibe” is a prime example. Spiritual sensitivity is what makes artists great.

    Unfortunately for artists most people don’t liked to be smelled. I can smell bull a mile away. And most people don’t like being told that their bull stinks. Using my gift I have warned many people from danger. Like this one time when my ex wanted to go walk late at night to study. I told him it was unwise and to take the bus. He listened, but the next morning a dead body was found less than a few yards from our house.

    I have many stories when people didn’t listen and they suffered death, assault, etc. From a biblical world view its called a prophetic anointing and its not great to have. Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet, because no matter how many times a prophet may warn folks some wont listen.

    I think the key is how do you use the information you know. I think that separates the diviner from the Godly.You know the relationship is going south, do you do nothing or nip it in the bud immediately. Most people just sit by bitterly and let the tragedy unfold so they can haughtily say “I told you so or I knew it”. When you get into a relationship you take on that person’s demons. If they cheated before they will do it again, unless they have engaged into a serious process to change their behavior. As I began my journey as a single woman that is the standard that I will discern all men, because by the time you reach 30 EVERYONE has demons. No one is righteous no not one. But most have told me that I am a woman after God’s own heart, so no matter what demons or past a man may have “a broken and contrite heart” I will not deny. I do not throw stones, but offer compassion. It is their choice to accept or reject. All I know is that change doesn’t come without Christ.

    So again smelling is good, but what do you do about the smell ? Run away or clean out the refrigerator ? If you stay how do you plan to clean the smell ? For me all smells arise from thristy souls who need living water…but that’s just me…

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