Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 8, 2009

Social Media

You like my picture and you want to get to know me? What!?!

Social Media has definitely changed the game on how people interact. The socially timid have become aggressive with a keyboard. Imagine that!

I’ve met some great people online but I’ve also met my fare share of those that I would probably stay away from if I met them in a public place.

Social ethics still apply online but many seem to ignore it. Would you say that to my face? On sites like twitter and facebook some exercise no restraint in what they say. Its social interaction on crack.

Do I know you? Why the Cuss are you still sending me messages? It is funny how folks read a few of your messages and become an authority on who you are. It takes people years to fully understand another human yet some folks have narrowed it down in the social media realm. Really!?! “I read his/her facebook page and I know…”

Cyber stalkers follow you around. Blocking is useless because they track your messages on various sites. Where are the Cyber POPO?

I appreciate that this forum has probably saved the lives of some that have been depressed. I also dig the use of Social Media to engage people especially when you have a business to promote. The other stuff is entertaining at times but mostly irritating.

Please don’t contact me is translated by some as “I’ll wait until they calm down.” I guess, like with anything else, you have to take the good with the bad.



  1. Luckily I haven’t dealt with what you’re speaking of. At least, not to the degree where I’m left thinking “WTF”? But yeah, folks get gangsta behind their screen, with the keyboard operating as their weapon of choice. It’s silly, juvenile, and yeah…..silly. But dare I say entertaining? Is that wrong? lol

  2. You would probably dig this song called “Stalker” my friend Marc Evans wrote. Check it out on CD Baby..He sang it tonight..all relationships are confusing.

    As for people thinking they know you through social media or media period…shared experiences make it easy for people to connect without knowing a person for years. For example, I don’t need to know all the details of someone whose been through a divorce because I’ve been through one, the recovery process is basically the same for everyone. The very essence of being a social scientist is collecting information and synthesizing conclusions.

    The ability to discern and evaluate someones character is a very important skill. An employer interviews you for 1 hour and they feel they know you are good for the job.

    Also, it’s funny some folk believe in love at first sight and swear up and down they have met their soul mate the moment they laid eyes on them. Why is it so unusual that people feel they know you once they read all your business online ?

    My suggestion for people who use social media is to be careful about what you put out there and be ready to accept the consequences when you do. Don’t hang out dirty laundry if you don’t want people to think your stuff don’t stink.

    Finally, set clear boundaries about who you let into your day to day life.The line doesn’t really get crossed until you invite that person into your home. And that is going back to judging character. If you are emailing or FBing someone you know is a drama queen or king make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

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