Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 11, 2009

The Music

You have the power to create change…You determine value…

I first fell in love with music when I heard a recording of fabulous musicians expressing love, pain and hope through notes that were real. It changed my approach to music and life.

As I grew in music, I heard discussions on how its losing its audience or how it is not the same. I noticed who attended events at nice clubs and who came out to the night clubs. The musicians had their take on the scene, the organizations had their stake and the listeners were confused.

The music is the parent to many offspring. Once you gain a deeper understanding you can see how your community and the world has been influenced.

Do you want to create change? You can create a fan page for your favorite musicians or simply tell your friends about them. Imagine the marketing power of word-of-mouth. If you attend a great concert, tweet about it, facebook your friends, IM or text…get the word out.

Do you have geographical pride? There are musicians in your city who are doing great things. Learn about who they are. Many national performers check them out when they come to town. Each city has its charm. There is a vibe that sets it apart from anywhere else in the world. Learn what that vibe is and embrace it.

You determine value…The record companies (and others) can only sell you what you accept. Don’t support or buy the very thing that is diminishing quality. If you value garbage they will sell you garbage. They are not in the quality business. They want to make money and will market what they think you will accept. Do you know what quality is?

Become aware. There are many people who succeed when you don’t pay attention. Educate yourself and know the difference between real and not.

There has been an assault on music. Many schools don’t have art programs. Your understanding/ignorance is based on your zipcode. With the internet you can reverse the effects, make change and determine value…Listen



  1. well put….got to get-to-it! thanks Reg! mmm-mm-m

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