Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 14, 2009

A Beautiful Mind?

…wow, she is beautiful – Surprised by my thoughts as I entered the room. The first person I noticed, I wondered what was on her mind. Will we be able to talk about life, community, music? Her walk… filled with confidence but what is in her heart? Her voice…soothing. Her smile captivating but what is behind those gorgeous eyes?

As I grew into the man I am now, the outer beauty is fine but a beautiful mind became my weakness. Intellectual conversation, passionate verbal exchange, wit and a sense of purpose draws me in. The definition of beauty goes beyond the surface. The windows to your soul reveals depth that intrigues…

As she mingled, I watched and noticed how she handled herself. She brought people together with her aura. Her energy/charisma commanded attention. Comfortable with her strength not arrogant, her light stood out. I knew of her for a long time but this is the first time we…”Hi, you must be Reginald” she said. I replied, “Yes…” We shook hands and I tried to ignore the energy that was exchanged for that brief moment I stared into her eyes. Was that a flash of what could be? This seems familiar…

In our society many are trained to appear to have it together. No one wants to seem inadequate. Did she really have it together? Should I get to know her? Hmmm, Friends, business associates or stay away? I should probably leave it alone. There are certain energies you don’t mess with. At this point, I know myself well enough to know when and when not to, but I’m… curious.



  1. So simple…so sweet. 🙂

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