Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 15, 2009

What Do You Do?

…I looked into your eyes and I remembered why. Do you? The long talk on the phone. The Music. The Dance. The Embrace. The Kiss around midnight…

The turbulence…were we attracted to drama? We loved, hurt, cried, kissed until we couldn’t any more. I loved you but we may have been unable to understand what that truly meant.

The day was fabulous. Filled with love I knew I wanted no one but you. The pain came and we did not survive. Hurt so deep the love seemed nonexistent. Then years later I was sure it was no more until I looked in your eyes and saw why I loved you. Why I thought you were beautiful even with my understanding of your deepest imperfections. Why you called because no one else truly understood you.

Now what do you do when you are no longer angry and have forgiven? When your vision is not clouded with pain? If love never dies, should you nurture/encourage your old flame?



  1. That is what the (Love) was about, from the start! or was it there before the hurt! mmm-mm-m

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