Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 17, 2009


Amazing! His ears are ridiculous…He can listen to any piece of music (piano concertos, Jazz, R & B, etc) and play it back on the piano note for note with inflections yet you don’t know his name.

Some piano teachers are scared of him and probably won’t give him a scholarship because they ask “What will I teach him”…He has photographic memory. It helps that he thinks anything is possible. There is no psychological block that makes him think a piece is difficult yet you don’t know his name.

Like other great musicians, he is brilliant (Math, Science, etc). Many musicians don’t hire him because they don’t understand his mind. This is the wrong city to be in when it comes to the esoteric.

He is gifted! There are those of less awareness that you might know. They have less respect but you can understand them. They don’t care for the elders but you might adore them.

Are we afraid of truth? When it stares us in the face do we feel uncomfortable?

This musician pays dues, studies with elders and is one of the few piano players musicians talk about when I visit other cities. Do you know his name? More importantly do you know why you should?


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