Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 20, 2009

The Conversation

“Are your blogs about you?” She asks…”They are a combination of my experiences and the experiences of others. Some are just stories” I respond. She smiles.

“I did not want to read your blogs because I felt that I would learn about you before I met you. I love to learn about people from talking to them but your blogs are so personal, real. ” She turns to me and our eyes meet. She smiles.

“How did you feel reading them? What did you think about? Did they provoke thought?” She puts her hand on top of mine and smiles.

“Well Reginald, I think you are exposing yourself. These blogs seem too real to be stories. Plus you write them in 1st person. Why?” She stops smiling. I smile.

“Did you read ‘Why I Write’ or ‘A Happy New Year Letter’…they explain everything. Also, if you listen to me perform you hear the reason in the music.” We got up and started walking. She had style plus I loved the smell of her perfume. What is it? I think I’ve smelt it before…

She stops, “I think you use it to get women. Some of the stories are passionate. Some are erotic. You must know what you are doing?” I look at her thinking this sounds familiar. “Listen, I can’t avoid people being attracted to me but I can choose how I react. I’ve been a musician since I was twelve. I’ve seen many things on and off the bandstand. If I wanted to be…I had the opportunity before I started writing.” She looks at me and nods in agreement. I continue, “I think folks like the blogs because they sense sincerity. Whether I’m talking about music or life, they feel…wait a minute, didn’t you contact me because you loved what you read?”


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