Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 21, 2009


…I felt a response when I placed my hand on the small of your back. Was it my action or our connection?

It was a long day and I’ve been excited to have dinner with you. We met at the metro and I kissed you on your neck while we embraced. I thought, you always feel so good. We walked to our favorite Thai restaurant. After your busy day you still looked amazing. We arrived and to our surprise we were quickly seated. I love this place. The ambiance is inviting. We sat at our favorite spot near the window. The candle light accentuated your eyes. “How was your day?” I asked. You responded, “I missed you.” You smiled as you said it and I felt your warmth. I caressed your hands gently as we talked about the day’s events.

What is it that makes you so sensual? Is it taking a walk and enjoying your spirit, your smile, your company…there is no other place I’d rather be.

Maybe it is connecting, building trust, still lusting for you after time…hmmm! Being aware of how you feel, taste, smell…your touch. Is that sensual?

Your body language saying more to me and enjoying what you express verbally. Is that sensual?

Gratifying my senses and I yours…indulgence? Confident about your self worth and your ability…Is that sensual or sexy?


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