Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 23, 2009

Being a Daddy

I’ve grown accustomed to the name “Daddy”…its interesting because for many years I never thought I would be or could be.

“Wow, I’m a father” is what runs through my mind every time I look into their eyes which watch my every step and imitate.

Their journey into this world was not easy. Hours of concern and worry…What will happen? From inside the belly I loved but the moment came when I first held…”I’m a father? Wow, I’m father!”

They were born in two different cities. The memory…this is my son. The cutting of the cord represented a new responsibility. There were no words to describe the depth of my love, pride, determination to be their father…

I got my baptism of fire as a father right away. Sleepless nights…the first explosion, the cry that followed, the calming, the cleaning…Hmmm, I’m a Daddy of two.

Watching them become more independent with each passing day I thought about the future. Their growth, from crawling to walking, from crying to talking…they are changing rapidly before my eyes. School? Homework? Am I ready? The importance of each moment I can’t take for granted…What do I want for them? What will I teach them? What will they be exposed to? What will I leave them?

As they became more aware and began learning about ABCs and 123s I reflected on my father. How he might have felt raising me. As we read books before bedtime, I think about the times my father read to me. Will I be as supportive as my Dad or more?

Right now it feels good to know my sons adore me and I love them. They watch my every move. I’m their role model – not the tv. I’m humbled by this new life of being a Daddy. I want to learn so much so I can teach them and be open to learning from them.

I’m proud of each new discovery they have. Their journey…I hope to make easier than it was for me.


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