Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 23, 2009


When the dream stays alive the love doesn’t die…

Is it me or is it you? No matter the time that pass I’m still into us!? I guess you have not done anything that really hurt me. Hmmm,”Us” not being a couple is because of circumstances not because of love. Do I want closure?

I can close my eyes and see you now, smell you, taste you…the memory clear as day. The smile on my face as I remember. Do I want closure?

The door is always open. You can enter or leave anytime. I enjoy knowing that we can love each other up close or far away. Do I want closure?

I know you have my back. If I asked you would be here in a flash, but I won’t. I can’t use you. The similarities in philosophies or even when we disagree…seductive. You are so sexy. Independently wealthy in love and spirituality. Do I want closure?

Every time we are together it feels new even though I’ve known you for some time. I’m surprised by your growth and recognize the familiarity. Do I want closure?

This unorthodox relationship works!? I’m never jealous when you tell me of suitors because I’m comfortable with my place in your heart. Closure?

I don’t want closure. I’m happy being in your life any way I can be.


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