Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 24, 2009


I wondered if you were a beautiful mind. Surprisingly, you are more than I imagined you to be. Its true – it doesn’t take all day to see sunshine. I like you. I feel you…your value. Friends? More?

With a simple introduction the connection was established. I knew that our souls met before. There was a spark. A familiarity. Now that you know my story what do you perceive? Do you see the depth of me and do you think I see you? How often do we get a chance at something true?

“What do you like to do for fun?” she asks. I had to think about it. My life filled with responsibility. Music has been my release, my fun, my excitement. Writing? My outlets all related to creativity.

When I was a kid, I would go outside and play. I had fun. Do I have fun now? The question rings in my mind “What do you like to do for fun”…her following question “what about Rock Climbing?” I replied “sure, pick something for us to do and I’ll enjoy it with you.” While she talked, I witnessed her expressions especially her eyes. I’m beginning to see what is inside her and I dig it. As we walked to her car she said “we should do an activity together. Something that does not involve music.” Hmmm, with the affect she has on me I’m willing to be malleable. I looked at her and thought there is something about this woman that intrigues me, excites me, arouses my intellect. Am I capable? Is this a fantasy?

She caught my attention, has my attention and can probably keep my attention. We only hug. Warm embraces to say hello or goodbye. She feels good. Will we kiss? Should we?

Anything worth having is worth waiting for…I want to take my time with her. I want to build, see, understand. Caution is not always my best quality but this seems different. Is it? Am I wasting her time or is she wasting mine? I don’t know how long or brief this will be but I know we have a… connection.


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