Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 26, 2009


When the student is ready the master will appear…Who is the master and will you allow them to teach you the origins of your destiny?

There are many who are creative but are they authentic? A young mind with knowledge flexing what they may have learned is creative. They find ways to get their message across given their limited resources but a skilled master in any field is authentic.

When I speak of a master I am not talking about one with a “Master’s Degree.” True understanding of anything takes time. The master spent time studying until they achieved truthfulness in their discipline. Our ancient universities required years of training. Many of the celebrated philosophers never finished their studies at these ancient schools. Mastery/Authenticity requires more than today’s degree.

How truthful are you in your expression, your career, your relationship? Did you seek guidance from a wise elder(s)? Can you recognize authenticity? Are you Authentic?

Imagine a society of humble authentic teachers, lovers, professionals. Hmmm…


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