Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 26, 2009

What If

Before today I did not know you but tonight we are sleeping in the same place…

I knew we were sleeping at the same place because of your schedule but they failed to tell me you were beautiful. Your spirit filled with life and authenticity I thought maybe another time…maybe another place.

We had fun at dinner. I was tired and so were you but your energy and sincerity motivated a memorable experience. I thought to myself she is smart, beautiful and genuine.

I put the thought out of my head because I can’t see the possibility. You are someone that I would desire for an eternity so I can’t indulge. I can’t plant a seed that can’t be nourished but I noticed what a gorgeous smile you have.

You went through your routine for bed and explained why. I thought you looked amazing without makeup plus we can just talk…We sat up talking about life. Shortly after you were sitting next to me reading my entries. There was an unsaid comfort/intimacy. I watched/felt your reaction as you read the erotic one.

What if I lived there? What if we had more time? What if I kissed you? What if?



  1. woah; good entry.

    guess we’ll never know what if =/


  2. Just GO FOR IT!

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