Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 28, 2009


What would you do if you were given the opportunity to experience your fantasy?

It is funny that when you least expect it life displays a sense of humor. Life says “Be specific because I will give you exactly what you ask for.” I asked for you but I was not specific to when or how. So here you are.

Are you my fantasy? Is this my new reality? Actually you are both. I’ve been dreaming of you. I thought you did not exist but here you are enticing me with a spirit filled with love and sincerity. Why now?

Maybe it is all this talk of love and life? Maybe it is the hidden desire behind my music? Have I been craving you so much that my wish was granted before I was ready? Maybe I am ripe for the beauty that is…

I will stop questioning and enjoy the time I have with the fantasy or reality of you.



  1. I’m loving and Feeling your vibe! great sparks ignite as I read your work! Thanks to Dana! DLL from DC, I can do that now! continue my Brother! for I WILL be here, waiting to hear! mmm-mm-m

  2. Interesting question…i think most people would shy aways from experiencing their fantasy in fear that it would cause overindulgence…great post though…zman sends

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