Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 29, 2009

I Want You

I want to experience love that last a life time. The love that makes you want to search for your soul mate after death. The love that allows you to rebound from pain. The love that inspires.

I wonder if many give up on this type of love. I think it is possible to love someone this much. I want to love so hard that I would give my life for you. I’m tired of convenience, empty promises, broken hearts that never heal…completely. I want to cry as we make love passionately. Not because we are weak but because what we have is so strong.

I want to dream of you in my sleep and wake up overjoyed that you are next to me. I want your scent to surround me when I think of you. I want to love wholeheartedly. I want to love honestly, sincerely, unequivocally.

Momentary passions are not enough for the love I seek. I want to love you so hard our heat, passion, connection, energy can sustain a city. Our bond so strong that the roll-a-coaster of life can’t penetrate the wall of love we built. I want to feel like I was born again. Given a chance to experience the ultimate love. I want you. I need you. Will I find you before I’m no more?



  1. You amaze me…:-)

  2. absolutely beautiful

  3. Beautiful……simply beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. This is powerfull!!! I love it.

  5. In due time, HE will make your dreams come true!

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