Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 30, 2009


The artist stood there looking good performing at a high level. Their ability on display. High or low, fast or slow they were accustomed to a certain reaction from fans.

Some people hoop and holler for effort. If the performance resembles something of quality they respond with “Yeah.” I might smile or say that was nice but I need a deeper connection for me to respond with great excitement.

I need to feel the artist is really into what they are doing. I appreciate if they studied but I really dig when they can be sensitive to the moment. Understand what is different about this town, this club, this song and react accordingly. I love when they can take artistic license to reach beyond the surface. Can you feel me?

Is it art to rely on what you know? Go back to what worked in the last town? What about this one? Did you take the time to learn what is different? What I need from you… now?

I continue listening and the music was good but still nothing that reached me. Some thought I just didn’t make any sound. I smiled. The music continued. Someone listening said “Yeah.” I’m sorry but I’m not impressed by tricks. After visiting a few places my idea of quality is different. Can you see me?

Finally a new artist entered the scene. They had style, brilliance, experience, wisdom. I watched as they began. Each note touched me. I did not feel like they were performing. Each action felt fresh like it was inspired by the moment. Our moment. They reached deep inside of me and connected with the depths of my soul. They knew me. They asked me what I wanted. Gave me what I needed. I listened and responded…YEAH!!!


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