Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 31, 2009

Jill Scott

In 2000, I saw a new artist on tv singing with style and truth. I thought how refreshing…I wondered “Who is Jill Scott?”

She represented the beauty I grew up with. The sensuality I came to appreciate in a woman. Her album mesmerize me from start to finish. I did not know her but I felt I did.

The album cover caught my attention. The hat, the lips, the seduction subtle…the music inside amazing. I listened as each track took me on a journey of life and love. I felt I was ease dropping on a personal conversation.

The music, a perfect accompaniment to the poetry. Some artists can appeal to my intellect but their music was lacking. This album was different. I listened and loved the sounds that penetrated my soul.

Years later I can still listen to this album and enjoy the life it creates and love it inspires. At times, I put on the album, pull out her poetry, relax and enjoy intellect, beauty and sensuality in an artist that I respect…Jill Scott


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