Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 31, 2009

The Discovery

In 2006 the walls began to close in on me. My choices created great responsibility. A new father with two residences, two kids and overwhelmed.

What do you do? Well, I worked. Up at 4am, commute to work, commute back then one son, then the next, perform, then begin again…I had no time to waste. When I took a break, the repercussions were great. Tired? Understatement! Was I loving enough? Was I there enough? It really wasn’t about me.

I began getting sick. What? My body has never failed me before. Why now? I can’t afford to be…

Music has always been my release. Those with similar past become artists because it allows them to express. At this time, music was not enough. Maybe it was because of the musical environment I was in but music did not heal me the way it once did. What do I do now?

I write! I was amazed of how my brief expressions affected me and others. It was therapeutic…

Now three years later I’m still writing. The ideas inspired by a variety of things. Some wonder if I’m exposing too much. I feel I expose more when I perform. The words are like music. Each song inspired from a place deep within. Each entry a part of me. My thoughts, wishes, dreams, past, experiences, experiences of others, hard lessons…

Its interesting reading past post and thinking about why I wrote that, what remained constant and what changed.


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