Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 1, 2010

Bald Head Dred

“Wah, you goin’ bald man…your hair thinning out” my sister says every time she sees me. “I’m a bald head dred! I bin so since ’93” I reply.

I first cut my hair bald in 1993 for my graduation from high school. Amin Gumbs, who also graduated with me, did the same. I guess it was our statement. Many of our classmates were surprised. “You gon geh sunbun on yuh head” someone said laughing. They were probably right considering the temperature that day.

Since that time, my head has been bald frequently. As a kid, many of the men I respected were bald heads. Glenn Kwabena Davis was a local Virgin Islander activist/storyteller and a bald head. My grandfather was a bald head. Marcus Garvey was the original bald head dred and now me.

I know many people who go out of their way to hide the balding trait. Chemicals, sprays, implants? Wait, wait, wait…Not me mehson! “FIYAH BUN DAH NONSENSE, I’m a Bald Head Dred!”



  1. I hear you meh boy. You only went bald because you thought it made you more atractive. =-) cheeze!

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