Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 1, 2010

What Do You Like

“What do you like?” She asked sincerely. A beatific smile came on my face and I replied “Do you really want to know?”

So I began, I like to talk. Express thoughts of life and love. Connect on events past and present. Learn from your intellect and passion. Be amazed at how you see things. Why? How? I like to listen.

Listen to music. Not my music or your music but music that affects us both. Music we can enjoy together. Make love just listening. An eclectic selection of passion, protest, intense, no pretense please. Life music. I want to hear the music within you. I like to learn.

Learn about life. My life, your life. Why I made mistakes? How can I change? Why you and I are here talking? History. Religion. Truth. Non fiction philosophies on the advancement of mind, healing, understanding. Why? I like to feel.

Feel your touch. Gentle, sensual, rough if need be. Massaging muscles, thoughts, tips at the heat of…I want to feel you understand me and I understand you. Are you a delicacy? I like warm bodies in bed exploring or out enjoying nature. I like to feel humility, the brilliance in you, love. I like to feel truth in your words. I like love.

I like to know you love you. You love life. You love humanity. You love peace. You love justice. I like the love two people can share unconditionally. I like family.

Family, Community, Cultural Sensitivity and the list goes on…But before I continue and get ahead of myself, Do you like me?


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