Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 1, 2010

Windows of Your Soul

Your eyes…I’m lost…what do those images mean? I’m listening to you talk but your eyes are telling me a story deeper than what you speak.

Is this your representative before me? I thought they retired. Why the contradiction? I feel my spirit exploring you. Going beyond your words into a place that reveals love, hurt, vulnerability, past, hopes, future…I’m lost. Can you tell me why you are only speaking about surface things when your eyes say differently?

You close your eyes briefly and now I can focus. I look away and listen. You continue. I agree. I share. You listen. I look at your eyes again and the journey begins. I’m going deeper. I want to say “I’m sorry that happened and no I’m not the same” but I didn’t. The stories seemed familiar. Your spirit telling me, showing me, teaching through the windows of your soul…your beautiful eyes.


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