Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 2, 2010

Birth Control

“Are you going to have any kids?” the parents asked the newly weds. Their response, “not right now.” Birth control has definitely revolutionized the game.

The playing field has been leveled in some respects between man and woman. Everyone is having fun. As advancements are made those who would not have considered playing are thinking about their options…hmmm, they are not allergic to the new types.

Birth control has been such a strong desire for centuries but women suffered mostly with previous methods. Imagine drinking toxic substances or enduring crude instruments…I’m happy we have better options now.

Some say birth control changed our sense of fidelity. The ramifications are not the same as they once were. What about STDs? Birth is not considered the only consequence of intimacy.

I wonder if marriages, relationships, sexuality would be the same if birth control was not invented? The reality, humanity would still find a way considering methods were used as early as the Egyptian society. Can you use lemon, honey, beeswax or oil as our ancestors did? Rhythm Method?

Birth Control is here to stay. It is easy. Can we be more responsible? Are we preventing life? I think with some inventions we are saving life. As we learn and explore, I hope we maintain strong values as we become…one.


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