Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 3, 2010

Master Musician

Rarely do we have the opportunity to experience greatness. When we do, its leaves us speechless…

A young musician heard of the great master musician who lived in the hills.

“Why would a master live in the hills?” He thought.

The master never sought commercial success. Very few know that this master musician exists.
The home? Nature…
The inspiration? Life…

The young musician, with the guidance of elders, knew they had to travel and witness the master.

With a tip, the young musician knew where to look. After days of hiking, the musician arrived on one of the days the master was connecting with nature. The master sat in a gazebo surrounded by exotic flowers.
The trees knew.
The creatures knew.
The surroundings were pure…filled with blinding beauty that you had no choice but be captivated.

The sound, the music, the emotions felt…amazing!
The young musician thought “This is unbelievable. Why does the world not know of this gift?
This spiritual being.
This healer.”

As the young musician drifted into bliss, the master appeared and said
“Hi, I can sense you are a musician. Did you like the music?”
The young musician replies “Yes! How can you play such beautiful music?”
The master says “music is all around us…I just listen closely and articulate the life and love around me.”


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