Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 4, 2010

The Deity

She looked into my eyes and my heart pumped. I was scared, excited, loved, understood. What deity is this and why is it staring at me?

We were at the ritual together. This was my first. They washed my feet as I entered the door. She was beautiful.

Someone said that today’s ritual will celebrate a deity. I did not pay attention because I was so into her. So much style, charisma, beauty…I couldn’t believe we were together. I was so young in spirit and age I was not ready for what happened next.

There was powder on her face and her eyes changed. There was another spirit in her moving her feet, her hands, her voice. She looked at me. I felt a spirit. Her spirit? An energy so powerful I was startled. Her energy?

She continued dancing around the room blessing, speaking the tongue of the ancestors. The spirit took her over. She came back around and looked at me. My soul stood at attention. What is going on? Why can “she” see me so clearly? Was it our connection or the deity?


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