Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 8, 2010

Love Making

Do you make love everyday? Do you give of yourself unconditionally?

We can get lost in the passion of life. Create an energy inspired by the divine. I can feel you, the depths of your spirit.

It is said that we can burn calories. Three times a week equates to running miles. Can we burn away the despair while releasing the future?

No routine…exploration in understanding preferred. The benefits of loving completely? Its healthy. We bond. We connect. A puzzle piece. A masterpiece. Our thoughts flowing back and fourth lovingly.

Its starts consciously then extends to our subconscious. Knowing each other guides us to pleasure. Sex? No! Making Love with you.

How? Talking, sharing, caring, giving, receiving, building, learning, loving – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Love Making? Hmmm, Love Making…


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