Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 12, 2010

Did I Inspire You

…I held your hand and I felt the energy flow between us. Strong, Powerful…I knew we tapped into a source. I thought “Did I inspire you?”

The touch created a chain reaction of senses. I felt your finger tips. The sensation entered my body and traveled through my veins until I was consumed with you.

I began seeing our surroundings through your eyes. I felt me touching you. With one touch all your memories became mine. Is this connection possible? Real?

Did it scare you? We both pulled away surprised by what we felt. Just a touch. Just a glimpse. Just a moment. Eternity? A dream desiring reality.

Renewed? The purity cleansed my soul. Am I tripping over a touch? Why? How? I am not a kid but this…I lost memory of life before you in that single moment. What now?

Should we? Can we? Will we? I’m inspired by your touch completely.



  1. You are a true poet!

  2. Amazing how that works… The mind, heart, soul and spirit are such powerful motivators.Stimulate them and be set free of your inhibitions!

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