Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 14, 2010

Power of the Mind

Did our ancestors tap into a great knowledge that we’ve been too distracted to currently see?

Did God give us more power than we believe? What about collective consciousness? The ocean of unlimited awareness?

Are you reaching your full potential? Did the wrong ones gain access to our ancient traditions? What did the Nubians know? The Kemets? The Moors? The Greeks?
Why such animosity towards others who look like me? History?

Did we move stones with our minds? Did technology weaken our ability to see? If we learned the truth would we be able to handle the reality?

Were we once connected to the earth, the oceans, the sun, the moon?

Do you believe she made us in her image? Taught us her secrets? Maybe we just don’t remember what we can do when we use
The Power of the Mind…


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