Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 15, 2010


Do you believe in God the maker of the heaven and the earth? Do you believe in destiny?

I’m from the Caribbean. Historians always shared with me the rich story of pirates, false discoveries and slave revolts. The truth made me angry, filled me with pride and gave me a sense of purpose to create change.

I first learned of Haiti in high school from a very passionate history teacher who was also in the military. His approach was not what some would consider conventional.

Imagine a young kid hearing that the world was pissed when “they” revolted successfully. The world (powerful nations) did not like Haiti and what the new nation represented.

As I grew, I read more. The story unfolding still angered me. Is this really the reality of brown nations or was it just poor nations?

I thought about other countries who also gained their independence. America did not win the revolutionary war. A powerful country told the British to back off. America then engaged in a war with that nation later in history. What type of country would Haiti be if there was more support?

Some might say that the people created the turmoil but history shows how many countries played a role in affairs. Puppetry? Coups? Why?

When will Haiti catch a break? I can’t talk about Caribbean history without mentioning Haiti. Then after all the struggle, a 7.0 Earthquake…

Why? Was a curse put on Haiti because “they” revolted?

I remain hopeful because the world has a chance to finally do right for the first time since 1804.

Many are providing aid. Is it too late? Was this a blessing in disguise? Did thousands of lives need to be lost for you to say “I’m sorry”…



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