Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 15, 2010


No, I love life and express that in what I write. Some might think I’m seducing others with ill intent but that is not the case. Do you believe me? Do I care?

Svengali! No, I really just want to speak. Tell a story. There is no puppetry in what I reveal. My words are not laced with poison that captivates the mind. Poetry? No, just Thoughts of Love.
What do you feel when you read? Sincerity?

There is no domination just humility. Svengali…SVENGALI, that is not me. Lover? Yes…Student of life? Of course.

Why are you defending yourself? There is no need to be…Svengali.

What I write allows me to be in harmony with what I think and what I do. No remorse. Just reflection.

Can you see that each entry is about communicating in relationships and/or music?

Hypnotist? psychologist? No. Svengali? No. Just me. No frills. No smoke. No Svengali…


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