Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 16, 2010

30 Something

She is 30 something and says she wants to have kids. If you are not serious could you back away?

They sit down to dinner. After they exchange compliments, she ask “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” He replies “I think I want to advance in my career.” He asks her the same question and she replies “I want to be married with kids.” Do you think he heard her? Do you think he cares?

If men were given only a certain number from birth would the game be the same?

She went to school, got her degree, received her masters and now works daily. Independent, loving, ready, but he is not sure. Why not stay away? If you know what she wants why let her want it with you because you pushed the right buttons and said the right things?
Maybe you should be honest because you never know what she might go for?

Dinner continues and she talks about her family and how she always loved kids. He listens. She asks, “what is your relationship like with your family?” He replies, she listens. She likes what she hears but is he ready to commit? Does he want to? Will he play the role just to have some …. to come home to?

Now dessert arrives, it looks good. He ordered and they brought two spoons. She smiles, he smiles. The connection is not the problem. Are the goals the same? Is there a ticking? Is time relevant?

Its time to go. Will he walk away, play or together will they create life?


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