Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 16, 2010

VI Massive

I remember growing up hearing “VI Massive.” The pride, the pounding of the chest, the history…yes, VI Massive. Really?

I’m torn now. Emeralds in the Sea? There is so much beauty but I think the history is forgotten by some. Or not taught? Virgin Island History was mandatory growing up. If you did not get it in school, the calypsonians educated you. Many functions at Emancipation Garden reinforced the stories.

What happened? Why the CUSS would you do that? Where is the pride? Why would you sh*t where you sleep? These are all questions that run through my mind. There is a problem. How do we fix it?

Many leave the island for better opportunities. When I ask if they will return they say no. Its hard to fight when the outcome is not clear. They have families and want the best for their kids, careers, etc.

If it wasn’t for my teachers and those who came back I would not be me. They provided knowledge which guides me each day. Can I do the same? Will you?

I refuse to give up on the “VI Massive” mentality that festered in Queen Mary. I refuse to live a life speaking of an issue and not addressing it.

The history is still present. Old structures on Rock City, Love City, Twin City and Small City telling the story. The warriors and families from across the sea and the native people that joined together to fight to be free. Don’t forget the Frenchy…

I’m dedicated to creating positive change in the community that created me…

VI Massive? VI Massive!


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