Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 17, 2010

Drama of Life

The roll-a-coaster of life is something we all experience. Some of us thrive on the ups and downs. Would it be boring if our lives were merry-go-rounds?

Do we like the tension? Some lovers should be friends and other friends should be lovers but they are not. Living wrong with convictions. Is it building interest when we try different positions? Is it the variety? Do we like the fire? Maybe we are turned off by safe and opt for satire?

Are we always seeking the diamond in the rough? Learning how to polish in hopes of seeing. Never truly achieving our full potential. That is tough. Wouldn’t it be better if we taught each other how to shine from conception? Is that too easy? It seems the tension and release keeps our attention. Maybe its addiction?

Art reflecting us is filled with drama. Playing one note in a song is boring but changing the harmony and environment builds interest. Is that what we are doing?

Are we keeping it exciting? Obsessing over other people’s problems because those are the things we don’t like about ourselves. Is that drama? Playing games instead of saying how we truly feel. Can we keep it simple? Is that boring?

The earth moves and changes with time. Nature responds. The drama surrounds us. Are we adding to it or resolving the issues that cause the drama of life?


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