Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 17, 2010


Maybe the stories are about you. I saw your smile and my imagination decided to write about the fantasy.

Maybe we had an affair. Filled with passion I did not forget you. I dream about you and write about my desires to hold you.

Maybe we are lovers. Our embrace ignites the animal in us that leaves me wanting for more when we are apart so I write.

Maybe I always loved you and now I articulate. Using words to describe what I have not found in another.

Maybe you are someone I seek. A dream that I await to touch. I write in hopes that I will find your smile when my eyes open wide exposing the soul.

I’m inspired. Whoever you are, thank you for possessing me. Inhabiting my being with thoughts of love, music, life. I adore you so I write.


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