Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 18, 2010

MLK Day…

Dream big…Love hard

Each year there is a celebration, tv special, remembrance of the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

It is unfortunate that throughout history those who seek peace in life die violently. Is that life seeking balance?

I reflect on the speeches. The inspiration they erected in those listening. Was the dream realized? President Obama?

There are still issues being addressed. Blatant whites only signs developed into camouflaged memberships at country clubs. Religious leaders making revealing statements about a poor country in the Caribbean. Why?

There is a lack of understanding but things are getting better. Slowly? It is hard to see the fights that were fought. The lives lost for our freedom only for some still to not know or care. Is the violence on MLK Blvd a desecration?

Some discuss the imperfection of great leaders. Does that make a difference in the accomplishments? What are you doing to create change?

I still dream that one day the dreams of my ancestors will be a reality. I hope that my sons enjoy a future filled with love. Their character being the main factor in relationships with different people.
I hope that we all can love harder, teach, unlearn and dream impossible dreams.

I reflect, I learn, I’m humbled by the memory, the present and the possible future on this day.


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