Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 20, 2010


Its here again sitting like a cloud over me…

Like a baby trying to walk but falling every time. I’m not giving up but its difficult when the actions of another affects me…

I’ve been to others who cared. They still await my return. I thought this choice would be best for the community. Are you so busy that you can’t fix this? I thought you needed me? Maybe I should just take my business to someone else who will appreciate my money?

I sing your praises only to be disrespected. Why? I guess that’s the way I should be treated. My story not unique. Is this hazing?

I believe that its not the circumstances but your reaction. You make it hard though. I submitted letters, emails, visited frequently to resolve this cordially. Maybe you had it worse so you figure the BS is good character building? Really? Why the CUSS are you messing with me?

I’m grown. I can take it but I wonder how others who are younger would handle this atrocity. I know if I was royalty, family or someone of more notoriety you would fix this quickly. How? I’ve witnessed it…

Loyalty? If we all talked the embarrassment would be far more than you can stand. This is the reason many don’t give. I want you to succeed because of the legacy but your actions frustrate me..


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