Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 23, 2010


Are you the one and only with whom I share love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and compatibility? My twin soul.

Soulmate. How many times have I said it? Felt it? (Shaking my head) I was terribly wrong. Is there someone for everyone? How so if there are more women than men? Same sex pairs? Well, I love the opposite. Always have always will.

Have you ever said “Baby, I think you are my soulmate?” Was the reply “Why?”

Love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and compatibility? Did I share this with you? Do we have this? Can we?

Since my youth I’ve always been fascinated with the term soulmate. Having a connection with someone for eternity. Seeking them in life in death. Loving them completely. Understanding who, why, what, all the idiosyncrasies of another being thoroughly. Is this possible?

Maybe there are only a certain few who are blessed with spending life with a soulmate. The rest? I guess they make it work with someone else.

Some believe you can have more than one soulmate. How so? How can you have more than one twin soul? If we were split in half maybe others were split in three or more. Hmmm…

What happens if you wait for your soulmate? Will you risk being lonely? What if you are with someone and find your soulmate in another? Do you leave your relationship? What if you have kids? Will they suffer for your happiness?

Do we all have one person who is our weakness, our strength, our magnetic love that pulls us towards them for eternity? If so, what do you do when you find your soulmate?

If you had someone precious in your life, would you adore, cherish, respect, be open, be sincere, be understanding? What if you were not and discovered they were your soulmate? Would you change? Is it too late?

Soulmate, like love, is used frequently and meant seldomly. If we are blessed with a twin flame, I hope we all can fuel the connection with truth.

I think, there is nothing more powerful, igniting, fulfilling, mystical…than love shared between soulmates. Am I wrong?



  1. I agree, but these day “loving” is so challenging and life can make one fall out of love with his/her soulmate.

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