Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 26, 2010

Human or Hypocrite

We can despise things in someone else that is at the core of our flaws.

I try not to judge. Looking at another being with disdain saying “How could you be that way?”

I really do try. Not imposing my moral compass on a lover saying “I would not do that to you.”

I remember when I was younger seeking the acceptance from older musicians and receiving a cold shoulder thinking “I don’t want to treat another this way.” Did I later do the same?

Is it part of human nature to be a hypocrite? Do we sometimes say the opposite of what we feel? Are we condemning the actions of another only to do the same?

Do we pretend to hold beliefs? We, at times, put the wrong energy into the universe and the law of attraction grants us our misguided wish. If we all can lie then it is very possible we can practice hypocrisy. How prevalent is it?

Were you a hypocrite for a moment or does it define your life? The lover so torn by hurt they did the very thing that caused them pain. They created a similar existence for someone else. No remorse? Justified? Hypocrite?!

It is possible for someone to wish for change. They see their flaws and hold qualities not yet obtained to a high standard. I don’t think this individual is a hypocrite. Do you?

The best of us are capable of the worst of things and the worst of us are capable of the best of things. What do you aspire to be? Will you judge another? What happens when you point a finger?

I pray we can all be honest with ourselves, shine, love and live compassionately. Death to hypocrisy…


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