Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 27, 2010

34 Birthday Wishes

I’m 34 years old today. As I reflect on personal growth, I’m thinking about the future. My wish…

I have 34 wishes. Each one representing a lesson learned as I have grown into the being I am now.

I wish for change. World peace? More like world awareness. Each person realizing their role in the collective consciousness that propels life.

34 wishes including love. Love for God, self, life, family. Seeking, accepting, giving, being. Nurturing relationships sincerely.

Looking back to move forward I can see changes at 7, 16, 25 now 34. Each age revealing seven principles of life. The universe guiding me towards completeness. I wonder what will be revealed within the next 34 seconds, 34 minutes, 34 hours, 34 days. Maybe realizing a wish? A blessing…

My kids? Creating a future for them that is better than my past. Will I be able to inspire and heal through music? Their music, probably our music. One on bass the other on drums? Hmmm…

I am 34 today. I hope we can become great minds discussing issues and not little minds discussing people. I pray for better human existence. Happy Earthday on the anniversary of my birth.



  1. Happy Birthday Reginald!

  2. Love it Bro! Kepp them coming!

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