Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 28, 2010

A Good Woman?

What defines a good woman?

Is it her compassion? Her ability to love you even when you are weak. Love the best and worst of you in any situation.

What defines a good woman?

Is it her sensuality? Her willingness to be reality and fantasy. Wear different hats when needed.

Is it her loyalty? Maybe its her commitment to what you two have together. The ups and downs don’t phaze her because she is in it to win it.

Do you think she should obey? Is it that she rubs your feet? Cooks your food? Maybe she is submissive? When you ask her a question does she reply “Whatever you like”…

I guess the definition of a good woman is based on opinion. Depending on your culture, what you call a beautiful flower might vary from what I see.

A good woman I think is one who loves herself completely. She knows she is a delicacy so her body, mind and soul are treated with respect.

She is cherished and won’t accept anything less. A beautiful spirit? She is the foundation of civilization.
A good woman? Womb-man, mother, sister, aunt, wife, lover, friend…



  1. Just beautiful. I have to check in here much more often.

    Happy Birthday, again!

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